ATDChi Winter Conference

“So what do you do?” A common question we’ll all be asked at holiday parties from Halloween to New Year’s Eve. Do you have a persuasive answer that shows off your best capabilities? 

After ATDChi’s Winter Conference you’ll be ready to impress and inform when it comes to tooting your own horn .

Sessions include:

  • Know Thyself: The Art of Meaningful Connection (Erich Kurschat)
  • LinkedIn is a Love Fest: How to Build a Powerful Network of Influential and Talented Friends (Callista Gould)
  • Coaching: Benefits & Tools to Accelerate Progress Toward Your Career Goals (Dan Johnson, CPC, CNTC)
  • People Skills: Learn How to Master Your Value Proposition (Hayward Suggs)
  • The Power of Networking (Rose Pagliari & Kris Felstehausen)

The day long conference will be at Benedictine University in Lisle. You can read more about the sessions and register for the conference at

Feature Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Author: Dave Lee

AGILE LEARNING LEADER Bridging the gap between traditional and emerging methodologies to drive efficiency, performance, and business results while transforming organizational learning.

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