About new eelearning

new eelearning is picking up where I left off with eelearning in July of 2009.  Although this time, for my own sanity, I’m going to include capital letters – see reference here.

A humble beginning

I started eelearning in January 2004 as simply a way to share all of my bookmarks with my colleagues in the Corporate Learning and Development group at Gap, Inc.  Social bookmarking tools didn’t exist yet. but blogs were becoming all the rage and so I figured a blog might be the best route to go.

A look at my first posts and you’ll see that most of my early posts are just annotated lists of websites. (check o1st  eelearning mastheadut evaluation resources links or learning theory resource links)   But quickly I began blogging about topics that were important to me and my colleagues regarding the influx of new technologies – like blogs – and how they might be used to enhance learning. As it turns out, eelearning was among the first blogs to discuss issues regarding workplace learning.

A workplace learning blog is born

By the summer of 2004, I had been noticed 2nd eelearning mastheadby George Siemens and Stephen Downes who both praised eelearning and noted that it was among the few workplace learning blogs on the internet. While I might not have been the most prolific blogger in the blogosphere, I developed a solid readership over the years. In fact, blogging is tough and takes time and that summer and early fall other priorities meant that e e learning was neglected for a while. So much so that in the fall of 2004, e e learning was once again sited by Stephen Downes – this time as an example of how blogs go extinct!  But I wasn’t dead yet!

In May 2006, eelearning was named to Human Resources Executive Magazine’s Best of the Bloggers list. (the other learning blog named was the late Jay Cross’s internet time blog.)

technoratiOn October 28, 2006, eelearning broke into the top 100,000 of all blogs in the blogosphere for the first time.  I was 87,020th in the world!

In half a year in 2007, eelearning had 17,568 unique visitors.   In my 3.5 years of posting my ramblings about what I was learning and doing in workplace learning over 17,000 people had chosen to check it out.

eelearning wiki

In these three categories, I awarded each tool a rating between 1e-rating and 5e-rating.

The party ends….let’s party!

Unfortunately, life challenges mounted in 2007 and I had to abandon eelearning and it’s wiki (oh, I forgot to mention eelearning.ning.com).  But what an amazing run.

Clearly, eelearning was an early example of what we now call Working Out Loud.  It wasn’t polished.  It wasn’t authoritative.  But it was authentic me.  I learned out in the open so that others might learn from my process as it flowed along.

I learned about workplace learning, performance management, leadership, adult learning, adult motivation,  communities of practice, informal learning, needs assessment, measurement, and evaluation, etc. etc.  All the while blogging merrily away.  166 posts in all.

I learned HTML, Javascript, and CSS so I could add features and tweak the look and feel of eelearning.  I lived and breathed the awakening of social interaction on the internet sharing the experience with dozens and dozens of fellow learners.

I had the chance to meet and work with thought leaders from around the world.

So, of course, I’m back.  New eelearning will be the focal point of my personal learning network.  Let’s get this party started – again!

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