Last night on #lrnchat, I referred to myself as a pit bull learner because I’m very tenacious about getting at the truth of information.  Which is true.

But this morning I also demonstrated I have a lot of labrador retriever in me as well.  My black lab, Diva, was good at focusing until she saw a squirrel.  Then she was off to the races chasing after that squirrel. Continue reading “SQUIRREL!”

My head is spinning, it never ends…

Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) is a critical competency for the 21st century learning professional. It may be time to refresh your strategies and tools.

via It’s Time For A Personal Knowledge Management Refresh — The eLearning Coach

Very timely post for me from Connie Malamed as I work to get my PKM routine into place as I expand my PLN (Personal Learning Network).   So much information is flowing at us everyday it is becoming imperative that we find a way to vet out what we need to know.  How we keep track of it and, hopefully share it with others is an additional challenge.

Fortunately there are numerous tools being developed to assist us in this process.  I was happy to see that the tools I’m using (Feedly, Pocket, Twitter, WordPress, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Diigo) are among Connie’s suggestions.  Although it sometimes seems that each tool tends to open up more information to deal with. Continue reading “My head is spinning, it never ends…”