xAPI Organizations and Resources

One of the great characteristics of the xAPI effort is the very tight community amongst the early designers and developers.  The process has been open and collaborative.   This has resulted in open resources and a sharing of ideas that has led to this innovative specification.


These links were created using Diigo, you’ll find my highlights on the source web pages when you click through using these links.  If you’d prefer, you can go to my original Diigo outliner where I’ve been doing the aggregation and curating of these links.

More Online Resources

The following are various resource sites supporting xAPI.  You’ll find additional resources beyond those I’ve listed here.  You can also find more technical information if you are geekier than me.

Experience API – ADL Net adl
ADL’s resource page. Filled with links for xAPI newbies to experts. 

Tin Can API – Programmable E-learning and Experience Tracking | Rustici Software
2017 – This resource is the most authoritative, broadest reaching source of everything Tin Can/xAPI and cmi5. Created and managed by Rustici, the creators of the original Tin Can specification, it has everything for interested passersby to the geekiest programmer. If it isn’t here, it probably doesn’t exist yet.

The site is divided into four sections by user:

  1. Understanding (I’m new to Tin Can)
  2. Get Started (I want to try it out)
  3. Design ( I design learning)
  4. Write Code (I write code)

Data Interoperability Standards Consortium (DISC)
This is the home page of DISC, the group responsible for driving the rollout of xAPI, the various certifications being created in 2017 and conformance tools. Their current focus is on guiding the re-evaluation of the Profiles specification and the process that communities of practice utilize in documenting terminology and common practices in various usage domains .  The Profiles are key to the success of the interoperability goal.  

Connections Forum – Helping people, organizations, and industries work with xAPI
A resource site that serves as the home of the xAPI Camps, the Archives of those presentations, and the xAPI Quarterly.

xAPI Quarterly – Curating the voices of xAPI | Connections Forum
The xAPI Quarterly provides various articles and case studies regarding the development and rollout of xAPI since the Fall of 2015. It also includes the xAPI-Index which includes the core Verbs, Activity Types, Extensions, and Recipes available. (Note the ADL site is the official version.) 

Overview – Experience API
A very straight forward explanation of what xAPI is and why it came to be. 

Resources | Free Courses, Research, Books and More from HT2 Labs
This is resources page for HT2Labs. All kinds of good resources for you to explore here. 

Try xAPI | Riptide Software
A resource site supported by Riptide Software, it contains case studies and links to open source tools to help implement xAPI. 

Learning Opportunities

There are a few ongoing opportunities to learn more about xAPI and how to build xAPI statements.  The following are a few that I’ve checked out.

new-icon-littleFall 2017 xAPI Learning Cohort Signup
I participated in the Spring Cohort and found it to be a great learning experience. Sign up for the Fall 2017 cohort now!  

An Introduction to the xAPI [MOOC] #LearnxAPI xapi-pagepic
This MOOC was run interactively in 2016 but is open to anyone to work through on their own for free. It is quite thorough. Once you have decided to commit yourself to fully understanding xAPI, I suggest this course. 

LearnxAPI – The place to learn about the Experience API
This is a course in how to write statements and set up your tools to start creating your xAPI experience. 

twitterI have created a Twitter List of people and organizations that tweet about xAPI.  Please follow it.  If there is someone or an organization that tweets regularly about xAPI, please send me your suggestions (Direct tweet me, use Contact page here at new eelearning, or email me if you have my email.)



Is there something you don’t understand about xAPI?  Questions about something said in one of the above resources? General thoughts on these resources?   Add a comment below.

If you have any ideas on resources you feel should be on this page or in this Resource Center, feel free to use the comment section below or contact me via the Contact page here at new eelearning.

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